Paul Locatelli

Since 1889, Paul Locatelli’s family has been synonymous with the cultural fabric of the Bay Area. The Locatelli’s Bay Area contribution include his great grandparents’ early 1900’s Locatelli brother’s Lumber and vineyard businesses in the Santa Cruz Mountains to the founding of the East Bay institution, Colombo Bakery in Oakland. He is also the nephew of the late Friar Paul Locatelli, S.J., who served as the President of Santa Clara University for 20 years.

Through four generations, the Locatellis have helped to create the area’s history through a commitment to hard work, strong family values, and a sense of service to the community. As a Santa Cruz native, Paul has remained devoted to these core beliefs and applies them whenever and wherever possible. For over 16 years, Paul has built a successful and well-respected real estate practice both as an individual and as an owner of one of Santa Cruz’s most dynamic and visionary residential brokerages. Paul has used his real estate success as an opportunity to serve his and other less fortunate communities, having volunteered locally feeding the homeless and in Mexico building homes for needy families. 

He continues to donate a portion of every escrow commission to continue support of building homes for the less fortunate and other charities. He believes this commitment enables Paul and his clients alike to make a difference in the world.