Morning Briefing: Mortgage brokers may escape automation, realtors may not

This article gave us at SC re Life a good laugh! As a Realtor I know that the key to a successful career in Real Estate is to create long lasting relationships with people. This naturally comes from spending time personally connecting with people. You know, actually calling people on the phone or meeting in person. The moment a Realtor thinks its OK to communicate with automated email or text message blasts to all their clients with some generic message reminding them that they are still in Real Estate, is the moment that the Realtor has completely lost touch.  Now let's address this article talking about Artificial Intelligence (robots) taking the place of Realtors - just to be fair, they are talking about robots calling perspective clients or "prospecting"... Sorry, I had to stop and laugh again. I think most of us hate it when we get any solicitation calls, so now let's just add salt to the wound and make it a robot. Needless to say, I think it is going to be a long while before the world is ready for "Automated Realtors".

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