It is no secret that in the Santa Cruz area, there is a high value placed on taking care of our planet and more specifically, our home town. Over the many years that our team has been a part of the Real Estate industry, we have watched enormous amounts of paper go to waste in the name of “marketing”. How many times have you received a piece of paper on your front porch or in your mailbox, and without hardly glancing to see what it was about, tossed it into the garbage? Our team is working to be a part of the efforts to change that by choosing more earth friendly items to remind you of who we are and why we are here. Our first “green marketing” piece is coming to you in the form of our annual tomato plant delivered to your doorstep. “Why a tomato plant?” you might ask. In delivering something to you that can truly be used time and time again, something nutritious to grow on your own and to feed your family with, we hope that you will think of us with every salad, sandwich, and any other type of dish you choose to use one these sweet and delicious tomatoes in! Be on the look out for more of our eco-friendly marketing throughout the year, and don’t be shy to shoot us an email if you have any questions or to simply let us know you’re enjoying your tomatoes!